Solutions » Chager Stations

Fast, semi-fast or normal charging stations with connectors or power plugs according to international standards.
Necessary electrical and civil infrastructure as well as energy management solutions available at the point of consumption.

Gas Stations

Suitable charging points of electric vehicles adapted to the typical stopping time at a service station. Typically, fast chargers with higher capacity than 22kW are most suitable for this solution.


Depending on the main purpose of the hypermarket and according to the consumer's usage profile, we provide charging points to meet the end customer's goal and to improve their profitability indices.

Parking Lots

In order to improve the user experience, we offer suitable solutions for each type of car park.


Given the average time spent by the consumer, it is possible to optimize their profitability for the Shopping Center. By providing charging points for electric vehicles, an extra service is provided to electric vehicle users who see their experience improved.


We provide and install equipment suitable for the public space. We also carry out the service of management of the entire process of connecting the point of loading of electric vehicles to the distribution network.


We install charging points for electric vehicles for the purpose of meeting the up-time needs of the electric vehicles and consequently the income that the company can withdraw from them.


We provide technical solutions and services suited to the condominium's special condition. We study and install the best solution and the best service according to the specifics of each condominium owner.